Talking Raptors Podcast

Talking Raptors

My new podcast with Barry Taylor.  We are Toronto Raptors fans. If you like Basketball, The Raptors, or just funny conversation. Check the Podcast.



One thought on “Talking Raptors Podcast

  1. hey nick,
    love talking raptors! LMAO of while listening on my headphones in my sterile office environment and my co-workers think i am weird.
    please more jokes about devlin and your fear of trees. dont let barry talk about hamilton and call it the hammer every other sentence like he did on the edge (he was great though and the edge has jumped the shark since).
    anyway, can you guys make fun of rod black, please? i know he doesn’t look like will farrell but he reminds me of ron burgandy (“Ive been coming to the same TSN christmas party for the last 30 years and that is in no way depressing”). He just seems like he’d live a burgundy-esque life off camera. To that end, Devlin is a little like Brick (Steve Carell). this is in reference to your raptors movie, of course. armstrong’s looks a little like burgess meredith and would do a good “Bacardi!” (assuming he comes back from the dead).
    too long of a reply already.

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